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Dude, peeps are just going back to work… there are 7million jobs available.. what exactly have you done but ride the wave that was already set up for you… this post is so dishonest.. President Joe Biden please concern cancelling student debt. It would boost our economy. The interest on these loans are crushing us.. Very impressive . Now… Jesus with dachshund dog poster Compare 2018-2019 numbers and show the quarterly trends… #COVID19 negative economic impacts. we are no where near pre-COVID19 conditions when you factor in the number of small businesses lost Stop the deception Pause GIF. The country was shut down because of a pandemic and you were paying them to stay home…and still are…unemployment rate was at its lowest before the Pandemic. How can this administration take credit for this? A vaccine provided by the previous administration is the only reason so many jobs were “created”. Returning to work from government shut down is not job growth!

Jesus with dachshund dog poster

It’s good to have some competent leadership back in the White House.. That’s a misstatement of fact. You are setting yourselves up for failure when this number doesn’t hold as this injection is people getting back to work. Secondly inflation is going to be the bigger issue here soon.. Look, I hated the last guy but this is sketchy – these numbers are much more likely pandemic related than anything else.. You are far better than the previous occupant of the office. However, this is a gross manipulation of data to portray the narrative you wish. If you really want to distinguish yourself from those who have gone before, you should repudiate their tactics.. This is an example of statistics never lie, but liars always use statistics. Pretty laughable he’s trying to take credit for this when members of his party are the main reason people have been out of work this long. Jesus with dachshund dog poster

Jesus with dachshund dog poster

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