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DevanshHey guys it’s 4th day. What are you doing. I mean come on. As I said I can’t afford to loose it. Specially when I didn’t violated any terms at all. Have a look. Let me know why why you did that. I am admin of groups nobody else is. Broadcast lists. Having lacs of students who have this number. Why just so so insensitive about all this. I mention again I DID NOT VIOLATE ANY TERMS AS I HAVE READ YOU POLICIES ALREADY AND I KEEP MYSELF UPDATED WITH ANY CHANGES IN SAME. Just help me. Jesus with lovely Schnauzer dog poster

Jesus with lovely Schnauzer dog poster

Demartini StefanoBerlusconi’s MediaTrade On World Trade Center New York keys marquis Chiavari of combination of safe of Berlusconi’s portfolio access denied 30,000,000,000$. Of course the combinations are infinite an only one I s the right one, but before it is necessary the combination of keys of safe of Marquis Chiavari of Genoa. There are the Chiavari keys and the Genoa keys. 2 . Miguel Angel Mazó MoyeWe know what you are trying to do Marky Mark, you are trying to prove you can own the internet, if not at least a part of it, that people will turn their heads and let pass your virtual dictatorship, as long as they are entretained, bravo mark bravo, it wont work, the internet is freedom, the internet is far more powerful than you, hungry little man, you will face the concequences of your actions agaisnt freedom.4 . Jotham Ranglong Just a single blackman was killed in USA, the whole world stand together and say “BLACK LIVES MATTER”. 13 people got stuck in a cave of Thailand, the world helped and saved them as possible as they could. Hundreds of people were shot and killed, no one stands up with Myanmar. No helps, no supports. Why the world is still silent ???6  Jesus with lovely Schnauzer dog poster

Jesus with lovely Schnauzer dog poster

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