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Freida Helm so many mixed messages from this man that changes his position 3-4 times a month. Jesus with rottweiler dog poster The should bring on Dr Atlas. YOUTUBE.COM Dr. Fauci on wearing masks. OK, People. Freida has said it. So, we shall all wait until Freida decides it is all clear. Carry on. Freida Helm Congratulations. Bill Honda uh, the CDC does not state that children are immune to COVID-19.. CJ Tyler The CDC acknowledges that children rarely become sick with Covid-19 and also do not transmit the disease. So for all practical purposes, children who have no underlying health issues are immune to the Covid-19 virus.. Freida Helm same over here. The last 3 days of school have been cut short because 2 kiddos got Covid… we are still not out of the woods with the children. Be safe all.. Rhonda Joy Vopava your ignorance and bigotry are incredible.. Rhonda Joy Vopava you are truly unbelievable. biden listened to the experts is laughable. warp speed is what saved lives not socialism of beden.

Jesus with rottweiler dog poster

Get vaccinated.. one great leap to freedom from covid.problem.. I’ve heard that some youngsters are having issues with their heart after receiving the covid vaccine is there a safer vaccine for the children of our future. And the pharmaceutical producers! If more people had the knowledge to manage without them, they would not last for long.. Dear U.S. President Biden, Jesus with rottweiler dog poster Please believe that the antidote for my epidemic is indeed by my side. In order to avoid another outbreak of the epidemic (the current situation in Taiwan has been increasing and the number of confirmed cases has changed seriously), I beg you to leave an email for your convenience and let me pass on the relevant certification information! Please take immediate action to contact the French and Taiwanese governments, and work together to publish the antidote to complete the most important tasks. Best regards,. Correct. Understand completely. Those in the community that saying I don’t wish to be vaccinated because I’m fit and nothing wrong with me could be a spreader of the virus. Selfish and Dangerous.

Jesus with rottweiler dog poster

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