Jesus Yorkshire Terrier in the hand of god canvas print



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Bettie Moore  · 28:48Congratulations President Obama and First Lady Michelle!!Always inspiring others for the greater good !!21 . Olivia McCuen  · 1:00:13Congratulations President Barack Obama and Michelle. Can’t wait to visit when it opens. 10 . Anne Oliver  · 47:08So nice hearing a loving,positive adult again. Thank you Mr. give us hope that all is not lost.12 . Carmen Lydia Colon  · 34:43Barack Obama my president for everI Love the Obama family God bless them and help them to kip been the way they are Amen10 . Mocha Choklitxtc  · 20:04For all you negative nellys; you are overshadowed by those of us who forever love and honor OUR BELOVED OBAMAS! 21 . Ann Nicolson  · 55:49Amazing,you are without doubt one of the best presidents the US has ever had !14 . Karolina Leszczynska  · 47:10I miss him as President. The way he talks is so professional and the way he acts.13  Jesus Yorkshire Terrier in the hand of god canvas print

Jesus Yorkshire Terrier in the hand of god canvas print

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Alicia Marie  · 32:19The obamas are ones that actually show that they care for the people and our environment! Theythey continue to do amazing work 9 . Obi Melentu  · 17:32This is what post presidency should be..not whining and crying over a lost election.15 . Sharon Marie  · 22:19Congratulations President Obama and First Lady Michelle. You two are what our country needs more of!! 9 . Irma Schneider  · 49:08CONGRATS!!! THANK YOU!!! BEST President and First Lady!! God Bless You! I Joe Biden WILL do his Best!7 . Laura Cinquarla  · 45:18I am watching you from Italy! Very touching. Great Obama and the Obamas! Congratulations! Congratulazioni7 . Sola Akinola  · 56:58The greatest man of our time. We love you and your family. May God bless your new vision. 9 . Coral H Latimer  · 0:35You are amazing !!!. May our Lord bless you and your family!15 . Nancy Wolf Sussman  · 49:38The President that turned me into a Republican !!!! Thank you for opening my eyes. You are to blame for the beginning of the end of America 20  Jesus Yorkshire Terrier in the hand of god canvas print

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Outstanding! THIS is what a former POTUS looks like and does, if/when he and the former FLOTUS appear in the public eye as “private citizens.”
BRAVO!. Benjie Anderson
Pause GIF. He earned 3.5 million dollars as President, how did he pay 11 million dollars in cash for his ocean front home?. Benjie Anderson we are so fortunate for such honorable President & First Lady.. Benjie Anderson Agree – not flapping arms, clenched teeth, and oh – that name calling! Oh to have adults act like adults — (and caring ones at that!!). Benjie Anderson I need 3000$. Incredible, thoughtful remarks from our former President and First Lady. The people of Chicago have this center to look forward to ..
Follow. The best president in my lifetime. You and Michelle are loved.. Congratulations. Whenever I hear President Obama speak and see how he conducts himself, it reminds me of something my Grandma used to say:
“Mind yo manners fo I knock you into next week-folks can grow up to be as dumb as a rock, but if they got good manners and home training, there’s always gon be some folks who will help them, lead them in the way to go; but if they is disrespectful to folks, even if they smart as a whip, ain nobody gon be round their ‘omishy**’ or ‘mannishy’**tail and fo sure ain nobody gon help them do nothing to get ahead. Mark my words!”
**omishy-old folks shorten version of -womanish- meaning a young girl acting like she ‘grown’ in a completely inappropriately manner, as in a way a ‘grown woman’ would act and talk; **mannishy-old folks shorten version of-mannish- meaning a young boy acting like he ‘grown’ in a completely inappropriately manner, as in a way a ‘grown man’ would act and talk.

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