Jets punisher skull filter face mask

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Thank you, Senator & team, for giving us permission to imagine new possibilities for how we can take care of each other. Truly, the best people have come together in support of this movement and I am hopeful for what we can continue to do in the fight for love and justice, together. Jets punisher skull filter face mask. So sorry this has ended the way it has, but no surprise considering the antipathy from the controlling corporate Dems. I have such respect for you, Bernie Sanders. You could have led us into a new era of being the great Country we should be. Alas, not to be. I thank you for your leadership and your respect and caring for the average American.

Jets punisher skull filter face mask

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And now I’m crying again. Even though I knew, deep down, that the DNC would once again push a candidate that could not beat Trump. Jets punisher skull filter face mask. I will only vote for candidates who show integrity, not just in an election year but throughout their lifetime. I can not vote for a candidate who mocks others, gropes children, or has been accused of rape. I’m gutted. You were America’s only hope. I’m sorry that we couldn’t even see during this pandemic that we desperately need healthcare for all now more than ever. I’m sorry that we’ve failed you. Thank you for fighting for us. Thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do for the people of this country. You’ve inspired me in so many ways and I’m honored to have been able to hear you speak and volunteer on your campaign. This movement is far from over and we’re standing by your side no matter what.

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