Joan Cornella baby face mask

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Interesting. Joan Cornella baby face mask. So anytime a cop pulls you over, you better receive a citation.

Joan Cornella baby face mask

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mask- pic 1

If you don’t then the cop is not doing his job. Joan Cornella baby face mask. If you’re ever witnessed jaywalking, walking home drunk, etc. I expect you to go right to jail. Otherwise they aren’t doing their jobs. I am guessing that you support any governor who tells you that they want to put in stricter gun control. Exactly … however announcing their intention NOT to follow the law is problematic … and indicates an abdication of their responsibilities. that your statement was hysterically funny to me and those that know me and my education. you made an ignorant /uninformed comment and it was funny. What about it? Have you ever read an officer’s oath? They are sworn to uphold the Federal Constitution and their own State Constitution. “Laws” is a generic term that doesn’t cover the oath, as certsin laws may be contrary to the State or Federal Constitution. If it is the “LAW” then they took an oath to uphold it, no matter their own political leanings or ideology ! They can not choose which law to follow and which to disobey ! Make examples of them unless you want total break down of law. But cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland and San Diego have told their police departments not to enforce the law, and we’ve seen the wonderful result of that. If the enforcement officers are harassing people on the streets and violating rights then they should either stand down or be shot down.

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