Joan Cornella no Job Fuck Job face mask

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Can Vitamin D help fight against the coronavirus? Joan Cornella no Job Fuck Job face mask. Scientist investigate after study found taking the supplement saw 50 per cent fall in chest infections.

Joan Cornella no Job Fuck Job face mask

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China, Italy, Japan, Tawain and many doctors in America has had good results! Joan Cornella no Job Fuck Job face mask. People on a ventilator almost ready to die is not going to respond to respond to any drug quickly if at all! This is proof people will jeopardize others lives for an agenda. Your total CNN network sucks and Gov. Wolf of Pa, is a Democrat and your giving him grief. Words out of context, you should be ashamed of yourselves. He never said open Pa May 1st, you people can’t even lie good. Not to mention, some genius decided to test this drug on veterans in VA Hospitals. Twice as many veterans on the drugs died versus veterans who weren’t on the drug. The president is not uninformed; he’s criminally responsible for these vets deaths. they are the 3rd largest pharma company in the world. They don’t even make or market the drug in the US and it is not even a top tier drug for them as literally 100’s of companies make it. The company is trading right in the middle of it’s 52 week high/low so I really don’t know what you are on about. This drug is reported by other hospitals as effective. What’s really criminal is political expediency that pushes CNN to continuously attack this drug only because it was praised by Trump. CNN is totally OK to deny treatment with this drug to patients who might benefit from it only because it suits their political narrative.

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