Joan Cornella fire face mask

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Um didn’t people tell those that were being apprehended by police to comply? Joan Cornella fire face mask. Shouldn’t the police do the same with their orders?

Joan Cornella fire face mask

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mask- pic 1

I think both should be true. Joan Cornella fire face mask. You should be more worried about cardiac arrest and diabetes than Corona, but if it worries you, stay home. How about the police enforce the constitution, and not political whims. Their job is to uphold the constitution. If an order or law is unconstitutional, why should they follow it? The constitutionality of the laws or orders can be debated. I’d like to see what the Supreme Court would have to say over specific laws or orders about public assembly in certain places. For instance, do people have the right to go to a public park? Is that protected by the constitution? and only a weak person can’t take care of themselves. Just how difficult is for you to follow simple information. I’m not worried about myself. I’m worried about those who can’t take care of themselves. Death knows no “rights” nor “freedoms” in the grave,you have only the right to rot…….and, complications from this virus can cause those in the 25 to 40 to have strokes and or blood clots,,,,not to mention the 30% lung destruction,making a non-smoker to have the lung capacity of a long time smoker…..winded and wheezing all the time.. Adam Fowler ya,I am, but I also know your not really so noble to die for a silly cause too……..rebelling safety precautions for a virus. Tell that to the families of 55,000 dead and tens of 1000’s that were saved by healthcare workers.

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