Joan Cornella grilled face mask

Do you want it? Joan Cornella grilled face mask. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.



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I’m sure they felt that way when they choked a man to death or shot a 9 year old playing in the park…right…right. Joan Cornella grilled face mask. The moment they want to resist enforcing laws.

Joan Cornella grilled face mask

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They should resign… Joan Cornella grilled face mask. Since their job is literally law enforcement. That being said, I don’t know if any of them are actually being asked to arrest anyone strictly due to isolation guidelines! Easy fix. Fire those who refuse to perform their jobs. The almost all the rest of us live within the laws. In addition tax payers provide their salaries. This last sentence seems to have escaped police notice. They work for us, not us them. You’re pulled over. You know you were wrong. Cop has discretion whether or not to write a ticket. It’s his OPINION to let it slide. You want the ticket anyway? I’m sorry. We have it too but not as bad as our neighbours to the south. Our shutdown is stricter then yours though. amazing it seems to be only whack a doodle liberals like you that know all these people that have corona. I don’t know 1 single person that has it. They took oaths to uphold , defend the consitution. Which over tmrides and other law or order against the rights of the citzenery. It is your moral responsibility to continue sheltering-in-place even if the restrictions are lifted. Staying home is the main way we will get through this crisis. If people go out, cases will spike and innocent people will die. Alekz Londos my freedom does not end where your fear begins. Feel free to stay home as long as you like.

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