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Joe how do you figure minimum-wage was supposed to be enough money to support a family? Joe Burrow Smokes Cigar Poster. Unless you work for a really crappy company you won’t make minimum-wage unless you deserve minimum-wage.

Joe Burrow Smokes Cigar Poster

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Poster – A4
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Poster – A2
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Poster – A1

Any increased wages a business will have to pay their employees will be a direct cost to the consumer across the board. In essence those employees who received that pay increase will be paying out of their pockets for that increase and will not better their situation. Also, if the unskilled get a raise then everyone up the line will get a raise. Joe Burrow Smokes Cigar Poster. An unskilled worker can’t earn as much as some trained, skilled workers. So they are right back where they started. Self improvement is the best way to increase your income potential. Deborah Benger Anderson hasn’t the cost of living already increased while minimum wage hasn’t changed in 10 years. I’m in highschool and work above minimum wage. I get paid 8 more than minimum. That says something. A teen who’s at school, does sports year long, cant work on sundays. Makes 20/hr. People making less need to step up their game. Oh btw it’s not family owned. Sharrod Joe minimum wage for fast food has gone up to $13.75 an hour in NY State. Do you know what happened when it went up? Hours were cut for the majority of them. I saw someone say most jobs start at $12 so youre point is irrelevant as well. The fact that y’all believe minimum wage is fine where it is says alot. I hope you all don’t fall victim to job cuts or lay offs or just getting fired.

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