Joe Buck Sucks shirt and sweatshirt and tank top

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Not every rich person pays taxes. I’m tired of hearing that they rich pay our taxes. Mark Zuckerberg has been avoiding US taxes for years. Same with others. Not all rich are like that. But many try to avoid taxes. They also are allowed to donate to charity to avoid taxes. Joe Buck Sucks. And many businesses often try to find any way possible to find cheap labor.

Joe Buck Sucks

Joe Buck Sucks tank top
tank top
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They either send factories abroad, or use machines. Doesnt sound helpful to the US, but whatever. I’m an independent. I dont think either side gives a crap. I would love for if the interference of the president with all the propaganda and media issues and the dems being absolutely ridiculous backfires and he gets to serve an extra term. Scott Gill That’s all they know how to do is lie, cheat, steal from the American people to satisfy their special interest groups. Joe Buck Sucks. They know nothing about serving the American people only themselves! Chris John unlike Obama who the Democrat media kissed Obama’s ass for 8 years Trump has fought the criminally insane losers for 4 years and phony charges and is still accomplishing tons more than Barry Obendover did. And Trump has higher rating now than Obigears did at the same point in his failed presidency. And if you believe those polls are our best friend cuz just like under Hillary’s polls Trump’s going to win much bigger. Chris John you’re batschiff crazy. Trump has more accomplishments in 3 years than Obama did in eight and they were good for the country not job-killing disasters. Casey Renee Trump is not the only one embarrassing to the world, his supporters are showing their ignorance.

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