John Deere cloth mask

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Racial profiling is necessary, why would you search a white female as a suspect of a drive-by? John Deere cloth mask. Thats not racist thats just statistics and smart policing .

John Deere cloth mask

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mask – pic 1

Hope this doesn’t encourage people to drive intoxicated, high, or run red lights now that they don’t have to worry about being stopped by the police and can just drive away from an unarmed DOT personnel. Guess time will tell. I Pray no innocent people die. Are you suggesting that it’s reasonable to SHOOT a person for fleeing from a traffic stop over running a red light?? believe it or not, there’s already plenty of incentive not to run red lights. John Deere cloth mask. People don’t want to die nor wreck their cars. It’s reasonable to physically detain someone running from a traffic stop and have the tools to enforce said detention at whatever level the suspect resists it. If a person is driving drunk and Skippy the Hall Monitor tries to pull them over, you really think they’re going to comply? No, extrajudicial murder isn’t warranted for a traffic stop. Shooting someone who physically attacked you because you made a traffic stop on them is completely warranted. It’s good to know that the political left has lost all common sense. By the way, you never answered my question: how does a non-cop handle a drunk driver who doesn’t want to stop or refuses to wait around for the police to show up and arrest them? SMART IDEA, no more being pulled over for non sense reasons cause the cop is probably bored let me speed i paid for 100+ mph on my car imma go 100+MPH.

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