John Coltrane Quintet Poster

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I was very impressed with the Gov. of New York. He had a whole fact-filled Power point to tell us how things stand now. John Coltrane Quintet Poster. I have been praying so much for someone to give the go-ahead to the Army Corps of Engineers to build hospitals, like the Gov. suggested and like they did in China! FYI The Army Corps of Engineers here in Kansas “built” a very large lake that serves as great fishing, swimming, hiking and camping areas.

John Coltrane Quintet Poster

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Poster – A2
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Poster – A3
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Poster – A4

In the absence of federal leadership. Governors of intellect, and commitment to citizens had to rise to this moment of crisis. When there is no leadership at the highest office, and the people are looking for answers and a plan of action we are grateful for leadership and bravery at the State level. John Coltrane Quintet Poster. Lack of true leadership in the White House is leaving our governors to make tough calls. I’m in Indiana and Holcomb is a little better then Pence but I’d hope he follow his colleagues in surrounding states. You are what we needed to get a grip on this months ago! trump was hiding the urgency of testing because of “numbers!”. Your thank you to governors doing such a good job, in spite of trump, What does do,, tweets that Gov Cuomo needs to do more! Gov Cuomo took this crisis, responded to it and continues to work it. I think it’s fair to say he has done a lot more than trump has done! Thank you for recognizing the folks that are taking charge!

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