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My god, amazing win of 8 states tonight. You are clearly ahead in Texas and Maine now as well. John Deere 3d Hoodie. Congratulations. So excited to be part of your team. Making my first donation this Friday to help you out and more to come. I’m so glad this turned out in such a positive way, Joe Biden is the best person for the job. Can’t wait for November to cast my real vote to help elect him into the White House. Joe as President and Moscow Mitch out of office and our country can find its moral standing again.

John Deere 3d Hoodie

John Deere 3d Hoodie
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Joe, my main issue with you is that you’ve been straight up lying about Medicare For All. Even the leading economist from Yale spoke out against your lies about the cost. It saves money, every single study has confirmed this. A public option just isn’t good enough because it doesn’t maximize the risk pool. Pick Pete as your VP! John Deere 3d Hoodie. As a Republican that was going to vote for Pete, I am in a group in Ohio of Republicans that were rallying around Pete. It’s a humongous group and we all admitted that if you would choose Pete we would vote for you! I’m praying Joe Biden will clearly and loudly TODAY address support for The Dreamers and immediate closure of Latino detention camps. Also all children to go back to their families. You gotta go it or lose the Hisoanic vote. You cant win without it. I love you, Joe. As a bereaved parent I identify with you on a personal level. But I need to let you in on one thing: I DO want a revolution, and I’m not alone. I want things to change. If you get the nod, you’ve got my vote. But IF you get the nod, please try not to be so republican-lite.

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