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Blake Campora don’t watch bud. Joker Art Signature Poster. Super easy not to be angered.

Joker Art Signature Poster

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Why do that to yourself if you know what’s going to happen? Im not mad only annoyed because I didn’t watch that crap on purpose… yet here we are with cnn making sure that I need to know about this. Again in spite of my best efforts here we are. Celebs knew about Harvey Weinstein and others for decades. Joker Art Signature Poster. Not only said nothing, but protected him. His close friends were Oprah and Hillary. It was no bake actresses that brought him down. They are the brave ones. The Me Too’ movement refers to the big celebs that jumped on after it was safe and hip. As in – Me Too want attention. Celebs jumping on afterward completely watered down a profound and meaningful momentum. I read the only celeb that ever called out and told Harvey off was a young Brad Pitt a decade before. I love how so many ppl are pretending like the Oscars always nominate the best directors, movies, n actors. It’s really cute af! Dennis Hanley you really think celebrities are the only people who make these movies? There are a lot of people and work involved. Haven’t you ever paid attention to the length of the credits? All competitions are inherently unfair, there’s always only a handful of winners versus losers. Pandering to those that engage in faux outrage while proclaiming her virtue is so woke. I’m sure there are a lot of women and people of color who’re qualified. But did they make any great movies this year? Ali Turqo to fix this issue, there’s needs to be more diversity amongst the people who vote. People carry bias, so diversity is important.

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