Joker ha ha ha 3d face mask

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The USPS needs to be unburdened of the albatross hanging around its neck instituted by repugs of prefunding their health benefits for 75 years. Joker ha ha ha 3d face mask. Something unheard of and a blatant attempt to privatize it. No private company is going to provide the service the USPS does and rural and small town America will suffer the most.

Joker ha ha ha 3d face mask

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face mask – detail

The postal service doesn’t need a bailout it needs the regulations that were put on it to come off. Joker ha ha ha 3d face mask. No other government agency needs to not only be profitable but have money set aside for pensions 70 years in the future. The British post office was absolutely destroyed by the Conservative government selling it off and privatising it just like every other great British asset we have had… that have often been obtained through incredible hardships. The postal service has been touted as not making money, not true. Why because our gov takes money from it every year just as they rob our social security. Trump wants the post office to fail because he wants to privatize it so corporations can get rich off us.Many seniors get their medicine through in mail as Medicare insurance agencies push customers to their mail pharmacy

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