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Robin Bullock they’re just an abbreviated way of say ing “ignoramus that thinks it a good idea to attack the LGBT community. Joker Art Poster. We know they’re not actually scared.

Joker Art Poster

Joker Art Poster - A3
Poster – A3
Joker Art Poster - A2
Poster – A2
Joker Art Poster - A1
Poster – A1

Well maybe they could be worried a gay man would treat them the way they treat women. She can’t be that upset about it since she is participating on the ceremony that did not nominate them plus the people who nominate belong to the private club that you are part of. Rock makes a joke about the homeless people in LA. Joker Art Poster. Every one of these out of touch idiots had to drive by these poor people on their way to the Academy Award. They are all hypocrites. I don’t want to hear their political preaching tonight either. Rexroad you are so hip and edgy! Bringing up Trump in a story that has nothing to do with him. You are so ahead of the curve and an innovator! Wow you are cool and original! Head! Can you move under your own power? Are you an unemployed shut in living on social security disability? Talk to me. Joe Rexroad why don’t you direct your anger at the school system that failed you? Shovel some more food in your mouth while you are at it! You must not be aware that many of them were not born rich, but rather were poor and worked for their status. Don’t undermine what you fail to understand. She should have worn a dress with the names of herself and other white actresses who have stolen roles from Asian actresses . Why doesn’t the academy just make a male and female category for everything. Why is it restricted to just the actor category? But according to ‘so called’ Liberals, gender is only a construct, so why is this a story? Because it only matters if you can use it to claim you’re a victim.

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