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Do you believe that Russia didn’t and isn’t trying to influence the elections. Jokers Signature Poster. Despite the mountains of evidence that they have?

Jokers Signature Poster

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Are you that ignorant? Stephen Mervine lack of evidence indicates innocence. If there isn’t evidence, there was no collusion. Russia will always interfere in our elections. But as I stated before Bernie was notified that the Russians were trying to help him. Officials never briefed Trump about it. Actually the Mueller report clearly states that it does not constitute innocence. It says that the law doesn’t allow for the prosecution of a sitting President, so he wouldn’t make a conclusion on collision. I guess a Trump supporter would find “nothing important “ about a foreign advisory trying to influence our election process. What could go wrong? They think they can find someone who can beat you, they know Bernie can’t. Jokers Signature Poster. What they don’t know or don’t want to admit, is that nobody can beat my President! Evil always accuses good people to take the focus off of them. We know you’re the victim here Mr Trump, we love you. I read a recent MSN article about how the Russians were colluding to help Bernie. Oh yes, I read them, every word. The whole article repeatedly pushed two narratives: that the Russians are supporting Sanders, and that the Russians interfered with 2016. So what does that tell me? Well. What I’m seeing is that MSN is a Democrat puppet show and that they are still trying to convince people that fiction is fact while preparing to throw Bernie under the bus. Again.

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