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Trevor LambThe solution is so simple, but the majority of you folks can’t do without the luxury so you blame it on others or you make excuses into reasons. Stop buying their products, stop using their services. Face facts it’s all your cutting edge apple garbage … See More1 . Patricia BrownWhen are you dealing with Net Neutrality . I know there are more important things to deal with but we pay over a $100 a month just for internet and they disrupted our streaming and our podcasts and we have no recourse another thing we just have to take… See More2 . Genae StoutLip service. Nothing is going to change. Any legislation to change it will never pass.1 . Victor M Tavares GautierAnd government helps by giving the biggest incentive to taxpayers to keep investing on Wall Street in form of IRA’s, which mostly will go to funds people have no idea which specific companies are going to. Inflating corporations stocks, which is a grea… See More  Just a california girl in a texas world mug

Just a california girl in a texas world mug

Tony LewHow can the rich white men keep convincing the poor white men that they have their best interests at hand. I am slowly seeing a swinging turnaround, but it shouldn’t of taken this long… sheesh. (I say white not in a derogatory sense. Apologies if it … See More . Alan DiehlThe reasons for this aren’t as nefarious as we may think. Much of it is due to the expanded skill set that is required of a CEO today vs past decades and the limited # of individuals that have this skill set.8 . Lindsay KolasaI think people are fighting harder on this is that the wealth of these CEOs is incomprehensible. It is literally hard to comprehend. . Joyce HogiWithout workers, CEO’s would have no business! How about raising wages and profit-sharing?7 . Stan WolfThis may rattle some C-Suite dwellers – they’re used to flying under the radar… . Chris SterlingNo one is “vilifying” rich people. They ARE villains. If you run a billion dollar company, give yourself millions in dollars and benefits, but pay your individual workers less than a living wage and give them shitty insurance, what are you if not a vil… See More23  Just a california girl in a texas world mug

Just a california girl in a texas world mug

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