Just a girl who loves wine face mask

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I wouldn’t be afraid to wager that their the cause of this mess .. after trying every other possible move to over throw Trump .. and nothing worked because it was all lies anyway. Just a girl who loves wine face mask. BAM the virus hits and of course killing hundreds of thousands of people don’t matter to Pelosi, Biden and the rest of em. I have to give Biden the benefit of the doubt as he looked like he was loosing his mind when they unleashed this virus to get the power back at any cost. I can’t believe anyone would want these folks in power after this mass murder for power.. what do you think they care about? It sure as hell isn’t people

Just a girl who loves wine face mask

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face mask – detail

You guys must know that ole Joe is not writing these posts right! He has political campaign people narrating these to impress his base! Haven’t you noticed how most of his speaking video posts have a short comment from him and then his wife finishes the complete message! Just remember you’re not electing his wife! Just a girl who loves wine face mask. She can’t be the assistant President. If the country elects you it will become a socialist state and people need to fight against evil liberals. All citizens in the USA should unite against the evil democrats who spread disease and want to kill your kids with Covid so they can blame Trump! We need to be free of these socialist and we need to be financially independent from the government. Black people and white people should be uniting against a lying career politician like Biden



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