Just do it Michael Myers shirt, tank top, sweatshirt

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Having an extra exhausted day today so this shows up on my newsfeed as a good reminder. Just do it Michael Myers. I’m certainly learning self care these days of struggling with burnout, depression and many changes in my life.

Just do it Michael Myers shirt

Just do it Michael Myers sweatshirt
Just do it Michael Myers tank top
tank top
Just do it Michael Myers youth tee
youth tee

Thank you for sharing! Congratulations on and all the best for the pregnancy. I had been pushing myself through what I thought was the absolute worst depression of my life and such deep exhaustion that I thought I might be dying. This went on for months becoming more & more debilitating despite my efforts to get treatment for the depression, etc. I found out early in March that I was severely anemic from a slow GI bleed. I was summoned to the ER for blood transfusion by a Dr I’d never met after getting blood labs done earlier that day. Sometimes we should stop pushing ourselves through the exhaustion we feel and sometimes we need to wave a white flag, surrender control completely and get help. I learned the hard way. I’m glad I slowed down and took the time to read your article. I’ve been out of depression for 8 months and these words brought me back and also grounded me in this moment. Thank you. Greetings to everyone reading my testimony, am happy to be among Dr. Marere testifiers. Despite all the months my husband dumped me for another lady, so lucky for me that I was online on Facebook when I saw a Lady sharing her testimony on how he also helped her in getting her ex back, so I contacted and shared my problems to him and he gave me the terms and conditions, which I did, to cut the long story short. Just do it Michael Myers. I am now living happily with my husband.

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