Kakarick Goku Rick Tumbler

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The start of this post is the exact way most of Bernie supporters are. Biden supporters would have 100% support Bernie IF he had won. Bernie supporters ANNOUNCE to everyone they will not vote for Joe simply because Bernie did not get the nom. I’m heartbroken you did not win California but that certainly did not stop me from making another modest donation. I love your new team, and Mrs. Biden should oversee the Secret Service. She was awesome! Kakarick Goku Rick Tumbler. On that note, I do hope you and Senator Sanders are given Secret Service protection. I hope it is not true that the White House maniac needs to approve it.

Kakarick Goku Rick Tumbler

Kakarick Goku Rick Tumbler - 20oz
Tumbler – 20oz

I hope you will surround yourself with the amazing candidates who have run and left the race, Andrew, Pete, Amy, Julian, Elizabeth. Imagine what we can accomplish is all those folks come together to support you in the campaign and in the White House. Congratulations. What a Big Win. Kakarick Goku Rick Tumbler. More energy, commitment, sacrifice and more statement of love will surely get You there. Yes. Americans can do it!  America can be great again, it starts from You and You and You. A massive support can get President Joe Biden to that Oval Office. Truly, President Joe Biden can be trusted with the Great future for America and Americans. Congrats President Joe. More work needs to be done. Bravo of the successes thus far. God bless America. Beautiful to be a Democrats. Thank You Texas. Virginia you can do it.

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