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To be quite honest I wouldn’t like watching a storyline of a gay coupled being in love. Karate Knowledge Poster. Maybe they should have their own channel .

Karate Knowledge Poster

Karate Knowledge Poster- 24x36
Poster- 24×36
Karate Knowledge Poster- 16x24Karate Knowledge Poster- 16x24
Poster- 16×24
Karate Knowledge Poster- 11x17
Poster- 11×17

Like BET they have their own Channel . If we feel like watching we can if not we click over to next channel . Any mother who would protest a LGBTQ situation isn’t being true to being a loving parent since a child of any age can be LGBTQ and mother’s don’t turn their backs on children. If it’s a faith question of LGBTQ – God loves all his children. This want the liberal will do, they are morons and they are not capable to lead. Defeat the liberal democrats by voting Republican in 2020 and re-elected President Trump. Let’s make America great again. It’s a huge deal because it is forced down our throats. It pops on without notice. Karate Knowledge Poster. You can not support Christianity and Christmas and such be ok soddom and gomora. Been knowing the gayest kids watch hallmark with their moms and we need to see a bit of the real modern world reflected in our everyday television. Who care one group of idiots think this is bad, first of all who’s watching Hallmark Channel and second why are people complaining about two people kissing with all the hate in the world we should be happy to see two people in love gay or straight who cares. Oh right, you know under Leviticus tattoos are an affront to god right? How come I never see Christian turd hurlers protesting tattoo shops? So many people are upset about a Same Sex marriage ceremony showing love but have no issues with a admitted Sexual Harasser and Pussy Grabber as President.

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