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As for myself, I was disgusted in tonight’s debate, seeing a very ugly side of our democratic candidates, some in pack-like frenzy going for the jugular, attacking Bloomberg and each other. It was more like a World Wrestling event, bloody and painful to watch. I’d hoped we were all better than that. Kaw St Louis. Clearly, we aren’t. It brought back some unpleasant reminders of those 2016 republican primary debates with Trump viciously trashing every other candidate on stage.

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You know what I see, is a guy who is remorseful about the rape culture of the past #metoo, but I want to hear him talk about rape culture and the effects on our girls, and society, and hell yes i’m serious, make it right, mike! I think he gets it, Kaw St Louis. Here’s a guy who owned his part and talked about equal pay, basically a billionaire whose willing to pay his 2% where republicans have basically soaked up corporate welfare like freeloaders but yet expect a defense dept? and screw the poor? nope, mike is the only one trump is afraid of! what we have to get rid of UNAPOLOGETIC white priviledge men who are braggadocious and that’s trump! mike needs to make a statement, lets face it, that’s the defining line! especially after kavanaugh! trump, and cripes, look at bill barr’s justice system, trump is the only guy that’s working for, we have serious problems, mike needs to address teh NDA’s somberly, it matters

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