Kawasaki rolling stones face mask

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Hey Biden Buddies! I am disabled& sick & the only thing I can do is Drive people to & from Voting! I am Desperate for ANY vehicle miracle! Car truck SUV or Millennium Falcon. Kawasaki rolling stones face mask. Trumputin money will be all I hope to have, so if anyone knows anyone in or near Tulsa OK! Please let me know! Thank you Tulsa.

Kawasaki rolling stones face mask

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face mask – detail

Who are we?? We are the Dormats that Democrats use to get their Wall Street owned Candidates elected and what have we gotten in Return?? 14 years of War , Income inequality where all the tax Breaks go to Democrat and Republican Big Money Donors , Laws that allow our Government to spy on us arrest Us with no warrant after they label us terrorists ,Kawasaki rolling stones face mask. Trade Deals that help neither the people of China or Ameica but flood Wall Street with cash , Laws that don’t allow us to sue Big Pharma when our loved ones Die From Vaccines , Laws that create massive Profits for the prison Industrial Complex . Sure we tell you one thing as Hiliary let slip in a Interview but we do the opposite of what we promise. We get unions to endorse a man who passed Trade Deals that destroyed Thier jobs & power , We get Women to vote for a man accused of Rape who has voted against their right to choose We get African Americans to vote for Him as long as he shows up at Thier Churches even though he’s the reason Thier children are locked up for smoking weed and they go broke paying bail .We get the Middle Class to vote for him even though he’s the reason they can’t get out of Thier debt like his wealthy Donors do.

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