KC royals filter face mask

Do you want it? KC royals filter face mask. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before lose it forever.



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We love you Bernie- you have taught me I can ask my government to think and love more like me- it is unacceptable that I am left without a candidate that has values similar to mine. Sending love to all those that feel this loss as heavily as I do. I left the DNClinton Party in 2016. KC royals filter face mask. I just came back to support you one more time! Now I’m out of this sorry party for good! So long Bernie. I hope you organize a new Party. A true party for, by and of the people. Not a party owned by the Clintons or beholden to corporations.

KC royals filter face mask

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Bernie, sorry to see your campaign come to an end the best part of which was to extricate big money from politics in your country. Here in New Zealand your “socialism” would be middle of the road. Let’s hope your ideas have taken root in Democrat politics going forward. I have followed you with interest and admiration. KC royals filter face mask. You’ve changed a whole generation bernie. And soon enough that generation will run this country. Thank you for everything you’ve done. We’ll take it from here. Unfortunately we witnessed the enormous power of the DNC and Corporate Establishment. They managed to convince a majority of people to vote against their own interests and choose a guy who has literally lost his mind and they managed to convince Bernie to bow out of a fight in the general election he most certainly would have won.

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