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I think it is his intent to divide. Keep It Squatchy Low Top. I can’t believe Dems let him run as one again.

Keep It Squatchy Low Top

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Low Top- picture 1
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Low Top- picture 2
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Low Top- picture 3

Hope the Dems in the next states on 3/17 make it impossible for him. Paula Blanchette I agree. If I had any say in the organization, he would not have been allowed to contest as a Democrat. Keep It Squatchy Low Top. Like you, I hope those states on 3/17 sends a clear and unequivocal message to him. Ro Khanna is worth 27 million dollars but since she supports Sanders I guess he’s not a part of the establishment. Who will be responsible for feeding Biden the questions ahead of time, and how much prep time will that be? It was brilliant four years ago. I’m sure it made the debate more interesting. The hope is that millions of Americans will see Biden being a confused bumbling mess on stage and realize Trump will not be as nice as Bernie. Bernie’s life willB fine..he’s a millionaire. It’s the working class who will suffer under 4more years of the anti-christ..or a planless Biden presidency that’s gonna do NOTHING abt america’s destructive financial system. The President addressed the nation on a pandemic and you choose to focus on this and post this? Really? You didn’t even broadcast the President’s address to the nation. I have lost all respect for you CNN. I don’t even have to watch it to know that it was just another version of the same song and dance he’s been doing since 2015. Ignorance at it’s peak. He announced a 30 day travel ban to Europe. It is something NEW. He wasn’t even in office in 2015.

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