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I’ve lived in Kentucky for the last eight years, and I’ve noticed that people (almost none of whom have ever been there) have a lot of crap to talk about Kentucky. Which is weird, because outside of North Carolina, it’s one of the best states I’ve ever lived. Like any state, it has its problems. Kentucky For Trump Flag. The education system is poor, and dragged down by a few districts in places like Appalachia and a couple farming communities, but no poorer than Cincinnati’s, or many such systems in Tennessee. Within a two mile walk from my home are offices for two of the largest law firms in the country, multiple laboratories for quality testing medicine via spectrum analysis, and a fantastic biomed company owned by a buddy of mine.

Kentucky For Trump Flag

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Kentucky exports some of the most valuable liquor produced in the world, and definitely the most valuable liquor produced in the United States; BOURBON! From Buffalo Trace to Maker Beam Suntory or whatever the fuck they’re called now, Kentucky’s products are highly sought after around the world by those who enjoy imbibing good liquor. If you’re looking for a place to live well for cheap, you could do a lot worse. The cost of living is very low, and frankly, most of Kentucky is beautiful. The people are, outside of big cities, very friendly. Kentucky For Trump Flag.People rag on Mitch McConnell, acting as if Nancy Pelosi wasn’t equally terrible or something, or as if Dick Durbin, Dick Blumental, or Bernie Sanders are some sort of saints. But a lot of the complaints people have with McConnell come from the fact that they’re generally too stupid or lazy to keep track of politics, or that they apply a standard to their ‘opponent’ that they would never apply to their ‘guy(s).’ My favorite repeated claim I’ve heard from people outside of KY is ‘well, Mitch McConnell’s family deals cocaine. No, they don’t. Mitch McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao, comes from a family of shipping magnates, who founded the Foremost Group, which became a MAJOR shipping company in the US. Her family fled to the US from China when Mao Zedong was on the warpath in the ‘Chinese Civil War,’ and made something of themselves. Anyhow, on one of their many boats, in one of the cargo containers that they were moving (but did not own the contents of), 90 pounds of cocaine was discovered and turned over to the authorities. People are stupid, and willing to believe anything about people they don’t like. Kentucky is also likely to be one of the main testing hubs for Amazon Drone services, once they get a deal worked out concerning where to launch them from. Northern Kentucky is under consideration, but there’s one large and multiple small air strips there, after all.

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