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May God rule this election and show the power he is. Your words of reality and justice should show our great nation how to be thankful for our past leadership. Thank you for bringing light to our world; my saluds to her and you you kind sir. Well said, I was in shock when I heard today. Keystone light crocs crocband clog. RBG is my celebrity crush and I hope she will RIP. Such a diminutive stature but she was a powerhouse and an American icon. I have been reading Jane Sharron De Hart’s biography of RBG and highly recommend.

Keystone light crocs crocband clog

Keystone light crocs crocband clog - detail
Keystone light crocs crocband clog – detail

I’ve been able to hold it together this far but seeing this picture of two remarkable people made me catch my breath in my throat. I feel gutted by the loss. She was a warrior. Such wonderful words for a dynamic woman. It takes A person with class,dignity and humility to give honor when honor is do. RIP Justice RBG. Thank you Mr President, words of comfort and wisdom as our time of crisis continues for our country. May they please listen, with their hearts as well as their ears. Keystone light crocs crocband clog. I miss your moral clarity. I felt far safer as an American under your leadership than I have these past four years. I pray for all of us to find common ground, and that compassion and good citizenship win the day. This was a beautiful tribute and a critically important message. It is befitting of both the subject and the writer. The United States is lucky to count you both among our most inspiring and dedicated leaders.

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