Kidney Disease Awareness shirt and longsleeve tee

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Russia is trying to help Bernie Sanders in the primary because they know he is getting screwed by the Democratic Party. Kidney Disease Awareness. Who would have thought Russia cares more about America’s election integrity than the Democrats over here.

Kidney Disease Awareness

Kidney Disease Awareness tank top
tank top
Kidney Disease Awareness longsleeve tee
longsleeve tee
Kidney Disease Awareness hoodie

Chris Bowman ummm is that’s what fox is saying now? Trump just fired his intelligence cause they are telling him Russia want him to win. Why did he fire those guys? Please explain. I would imagine Russia would love a Socialist America and a Bernie Govt that will deplete it’s military. Putin’s trying to help Bernie because they think it would be easier for Trump to beat Him. Kidney Disease Awareness. It’s all about Him helping His little orange pussy. He’s just as much My President as He is Yours all Americans have A right to complain about their politicians. Your policy and your dealings towards countries, especially the countries of the Middle East, are wrong, and the century deal will not pass. Reconsider your foreign policy. I am telling the truth, and I am talking about the reality we are not against the Americans but against the wrong policies pursued by the Trump administration. Deana Deanna Jones Crosswell. I live in a country destroyed by the Republican foreign policy and their brutal occupation of Iraq, and I am against this wrong policy, and I repeat, we are not against the American people. Middle East has brought it on themselves the ones that have came make it clear they hate us clear they will not assimilate clear they plan to rule us with Sharia Law our President is not wrong in his assessment & foreign policy of the Middle East.

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