Killing Tomorrow’s Trophies Today shirt and hoodie

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Charles Weiss as a matter of fact I do have a family. 3 kids and 10 grandkids. I worked 46 years to put food in their mouth, clothes on their back, and roof over their head. I didn’t have to commit crimes to get there either. Killing Tomorrow’s Trophies Today. I thought my kid great values, got along with my coworkers, changed career, became a teacher. I taught them to do the best they can.

Killing Tomorrow’s Trophies Today shirt and hoodie

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I didn’t bully them like the president did. You wake up, look inside your soul and tell me trump isn’t a corrupt cheat. I hope you don’t have to resort to raise your family. Guy Naubert, my family is already grown. Yet, I had to work to get paid, to put food on the table because, my wishful words, just wouldn’t do the job. Grow up and try to use real life common sense in your reasoning without the exaggerated rhetoric in your argument. Oh, by the way, what crimes has Mr Trump committed, while he’s been President? Killing Tomorrow’s Trophies Today. Jim Villella OMG, talk about brain washed. Obama was the worse president we’ve had. Going around apologizing for our country. The economy is definitely not the results of that weak man. He’s the man that couldn’t draw a line and enforce it. There is way too much to write on here, and for the record the people that go to the rallies are not raciest, though it’s what you would like to believe.

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