Kiss Band Christmas shirt, sweatshirt and v-neck

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John Brawley , and Donald ‘Rump is sane? What fourth floor of what lunatic asylum are you shouting out of? Sanders has forgotten more than ‘Rump and you combined have ever known. Kiss Band Christmas. Deborah Lowes forgive Lance his ignorance stems from pure willfulness.

Kiss Band Christmas

Kiss Band Christmas v-neck
Kiss Band Christmas sweatshirt
Kiss Band Christmas hoodie

The fact that these things only started under trump and yet for well over 200 years we existed without his barbaric and uncivilized systems seems to have escaped Republicans. Whanda Gerardo no they won’t because over 60% of the population doesn’t want trump. If you are a stay at home voter, fine, but Bernie will NEVER get the Democrats nomination… because he isn’t a Democrat. Sorry. The reason he didn’t get it last time was because he refused to switch parties. (People that donate their money to the Democratic party, don’t want it going to an independent. If they did they would donate to them.) Darin Sousa, that statement right there is the kind of thinking that is wrong in American politics. People care more about some party apparatus than they do about our nation. Darin Sousa are you high? He did not run as an independent. Hilary cried about him not being a third party candidate. Kiss Band Christmas. The last general election, some people stayed home. Bernie is popular among independents and Republicans that really need Medicare. I love if my republican friends switched to vote for him in 2016. Whanda Gerardo, Bernie Sanders is an Independent. Period this is a fact. When you look him up as a Senator he has that little beside his name… that stands for Independent. Okay?.. thanks that clears that up. Now, Bernie wanted to keep his Independent status but still run under the Democrats ticket, getting the Democrats campaign financing. And you people need to stop jumping down my throat about this, I supported Bernie but I voted for Hillary and I wasn’t willing to throw my vote away or not vote like a petulant child. I chose to vote for the person that would actually better our country.

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