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What I’m taking away from this is we are in big trouble people. Koala In Pocket shirt. If the scientists have to clear their statements with anyone, anyone, we will not hear the truth.

Koala In Pocket shirt

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Americans need the truth and not some vetted variation of censorship. Why didn’t Trump appoint a medical doctor to be in charge of all of this? Is it that politics are more important than the American people? You know Trump’s answer to that question by his actions. Those that are saying the Pence does not believe in science, just do not want to discuss the issues or are unable too. Thus they have to push the lies forever and ever to help themselves feel good So pathetic. Koala In Pocket shirt. Conversion to his religion will not save you. Or make you rich. But life is easier when you dont have to ask any questions. Obama was a Senator for a few months and never held a real job. So I can see why you have such concern. I am sure you voiced it loudly during those years. The current historic drop in the stock market is a direct reflection on the confidence the pros feel with Pence in charge. So it’s become a ‘need to know’ situation? If mike feels the public doesn’t need to know, then we won’t know? We will only know what he and donnie want us to know. Will fox be the official communication outlet? Hello, hello how are you I hope you do not mind …. because my intention was not to speak here by comment … because I find it badly polite then for my gratitude to you.

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