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Maybe if they just take their tanks, armoured cars etc off them old chap? Back to being cops as opposed to a paramilitary occupation force? Labrador i am your friend poster. Now you can see all the Business leave Seattle.

Labrador i am your friend poster

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And then there Taxes will have to increase because the taxpayer base is leaving. I’d quit if you came to my work one day and told me you were cutting the budget for all my already-underpaid employees, too. The police are important for daily security however they do not need to be a paramilitary outfit. That is not the role of policing. If needed, there is the national guard let alone any number of other forces available for rougher situations. Call in the National guard ? Labrador i am your friend poster. They are not going to do your policing . But if the situation gets rough you can call in a squad of Social workers Unless you live in May berry you need police period. Most of the time Seattle police just look like police. If there wasn’t a protest (that always gets violent after dark) every weekend they wouldn’t have to wear protective clothing. The number of officers seriously injured in all this stupidity is large, and keeps getting worse. But you care about what uniforms they wear. Christopher, what you call “adults” have turned Seattle into just another blue shithole. Congratulations on your race to the bottom. ok let me know when a red state contributes anything meaningful to agriculture, technology, or the economy. let me know when you exceed in anything except for teen pregnancies, highschool drop outs and welfare abuse. Christopher, there is a reason people are leaving blue cities and states in record numbers. Have you looked at teen pregnancy and high school dropouts in urban areas? Stay ignorant.

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