Labrador nice butt poster

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Danel Thomas you art do very wrong. I have lived and worked in thirteen different countries all over this world over the past half century and ONLY the USA does not have universal sufferage (national healthcare paid for by taxes) and no amount of posturing or denying the evidence in front of your eyes will make national healthcare anything but a human right. Labrador nice butt poster. Not sure what the reference to pork is about. Taxing billionaires 1% on their windfall profits will bankrupt no one and fund healthcare without any other tax.

Labrador nice butt poster

Dog labrador nice butt poster 1
Labrador nice butt poster 1
Dog labrador nice butt poster 2
Labrador nice butt poster 2
Dog labrador nice butt poster 3
Labrador nice butt poster 3 about talking to all those millionaires and billionaires who have said they didn’t need the tax break and asking them to pay amount in taxes they would have been assessed. Put that money in a pot to advance single payer healthcare. Thank you for continuing the conversation. Reagan began this slide into neoliberalism and changed the tax on the rich from 77% to 22%. This created the billionaires. The Supreme Court upheld the citizens united that allowed the rich to buy out the government that helped suck up all the money for the rich. Not unreasonable to expect each of us to give back to society in some proportion to what we take…this is the way it once was and it worked well for ALL of us. Labrador nice butt poster. Greed must be regulated, or we end up with what we have now which is not sustainable, not to mention moral. It’s your vote … you make your decision to what America stands for! I know what my grandparents would have thought of this and what they fought for. Stand up for yourselves and unite! Look at other countries that have gone through this! Did they sit around and whine!? Bernie warned you this would happen! And don’t believe all the trolling propaganda! Don’t be sheep, think for yourself!

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