Lahey I Am The Liquor shirt and hoodie

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John Macvie except that it’s mortality rate is 20 times higher and there’s no vaccine, which there is for other strains. Lahey I Am The Liquor. The bbc are not the only ones that keep going on about it.

Lahey I Am The Liquor

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Lahey I Am The Liquor hoodie

All the media are doing it. John Macvie that’s not true. At all. The Coronavirus is 29 times more likely to kill you than the flu. Also this strain is new and there is no vaccine. But it isn’t known how many people have had symptoms so mild that they have put it down to a cold and not bothered reporting in. Lahey I Am The Liquor. The BBC should only report news that has been approved by a government ministry. We should name it the Ministry of Truth. The death rate is 0.9% flu is 0.1% so it is more but not by 29 times or what others are saying, still not worth worrying about. John Macvie CORVID-19 is 10x more virulent than “normal” flu. It’s been likened to Spanish flu. There is as yet no vaccine and it has a longer incubation period than other viruses which makes containing it problematic. I would urge people to become informed from expert sources who know what they are talking about rather than things said by the media and parroted by research illiterate politicians. No idea why some refer to it as “this strain of flu”. Influenza viruses and coronaviruses aren’t even in the same family. I’m pretty sure there are far more people who have or had covid19 (hope that’s right name) than are officially known, not reporting it & just self medication because they’re not sure.

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