Lemmy forever 1945 2015 poster

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Agreed! So what can we, average citizens, do to make this happen?! Too many are struggling. Lemmy forever 1945 2015 poster. Here in Hawaii a stay at home order just started today, all but essential business will be shutdown for two weeks. I fear that even after these two week, we will access the numbers (our daily cases have been high) and we won’t open for longer. It is already getting difficult keeping up with all the bills that became due again in August.

Lemmy forever 1945 2015 poster

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Insist we’re in such great shape. They are full of it.I know under Oboma and Bidensthere was peace of mind and it just was a better time. We cant have 4 more years of this lying clown. I could use the extra money right now but make sure that the poor people get money first. People who have a lot of money don’t need stimulus payments. Lemmy forever 1945 2015 poster. I could use at least the $1200. I’ve become physically disabled and I need to move to a safer place because I have a QAnon in my building targeting me. I’m sure there are other people too who have a disability or are elderly and need to move to safer ground because of these violent people. We love you Bernie and Jane and your whole family. Thank you for fighting for us. And this time around it will be turn to remedy the destruction. I hope he will go after the culprits and not just get us back on sound footings again. There are definitely crimes that the imposter, his company and family & gang have committed that can be prosecuted

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