Leslie jordan well shit poster

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America is almost gone from sports and various professional games the entire globe acknownledges but cos Trump is a hater of sports of all kind. Leslie jordan well shit poster. Trump isn’t a leader rather a businessman. Lacked the true leadership pedigrees. The Dems are panicking. Michael Moore is scared, drunk Pelosi is starting to sound like Biden , all the fake news don’t even have time to give us any other news because they concentrate on attacking Trump 24/7. It’s 2016 all over again and they don’t know what to do. It’s so much fun to watch. Trump2020 ???? 4 more years

Leslie jordan well shit poster

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What does this even mean? You want to fill stadiums and churches back up with people? You want to keep the country closed down? Very confusing message. Mr. Biden, PLEASE go visit the important swing states, the states that can put you over the electoral college!! That includes Michigan. Don’t take anything for granted like Hillary did. Leslie jordan well shit poster. Can you buy time on major airways in important cities in swing states, like 15 or 30 minutes and make a campaign speech and appeal to residents? You and Senator Harris. Trump put are country first and made it better Biden will make America weak and ruin are country are founding fathers worked so hard to make. Joe, please go to Michigan! Please! You need to show up several times. And people on the ground need to register Flint voters who got a raw deal from Obama. Go to Flint and go several other places in Michigan. It is do or die! It is too close right now. And you and we cannot afford to lose Michigan again.

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