Let’s Eat Timmy Correct At The Dinner Table Mug

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Kabir Chowdhury Tanmoy   · FollowMr. President Joe Biden, I think, Awareness needs to be given along with vaccines and you need to take initiative so that poor countries can get vaccines on time.21 . Emily MaddoxI feel sorry for yall who think the govt can dictate our way of life, This is AMERICA for God’s sake, those of us who actually can think independently haven’t stopped living normal lives and were doing just fine! But please continue to push a vaccine with no FDA approval and for a virus that has over 99% survival rate 4 . Jonte QuarezmaAlready got the Shot.. but we Still need more vaccines in Kenya 3 . Sarah GroganI would just like to say I will not take a vaccine with extreme risks/side effects when I am perfectly healthy to help other people. Myself and lots of people I know got covid and it was like a common cold. We are perfectly healthy. I am so tired of you and other people constantly pushing a newly made vaccine on others and threatening that life will never be normal again if we don’t. If you stand for this country you stand for freedoms… like the right to choose for yourself. Nobody should be guilt tripped into taking a vaccine to help “others” when it has ended perfectly healthy people’s lives… I have all due respect to you. However, I completely disagree with the strategies at hand. Controlling our communities, saying it’s helping… yet nothing moving forward in over a year. life is so valuable and every day should be lived to the fullest. I respect anyone who wants to get the vaccine and gets it that being said. Yes people dying is awful. Especially when they are close to you. Death comes in many forms… Car accidents, sicknesses etc. We all will have losses in life. Any of us could see the end of our lives at any time. We never know. That’s why I vote for the right to choose masking up, vaccination, etc. we all deserve to live the way we want while alive.2  Let’s Eat Timmy Correct At The Dinner Table Mug

Let’s Eat Timmy Correct At The Dinner Table Mug

Let's Eat Timmy Correct At The Dinner Table Mug

We always could, this was already the norm in most states.. Craig R. Brittain revenge porn dude strikes again!. Craig R. Brittain shut it. Craig R. Brittain Not in NJ.. Craig R. Brittain , your ignorance is showing again.. Craig R. Brittain “could” does not equal “should”. Craig R. Brittain uninformed troll. Peggy Outly Let’s Eat Timmy Correct At The Dinner Table Mug Pause GIF. Chris McDermott How many people have you killed because you are belligerant?. Peggy Outly . Craig I just looked it up. You are a revenge porn dude. THEVERGE.COM Former revenge porn mogul Craig Brittain sues Twitter in absurdist censorship complaint. Josh, nice job on the research . Craig R. Brittain yes but what people do and what the scientists say aren’t always the same thing . Craig R. Brittain quit trolling bud. You’re on every post.. Craig R. Brittain I think he means for people who actually care about anyone besides themselves.. Apparently you don’t know what fully vaccinated means

Let’s Eat Timmy Correct At The Dinner Table Mug

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