Letterkenny Tumbler

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Letterkenny Tumbler. Order now before lose it forever.



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Yeah, no. I would never vote for you. If you get the nomination it will definitely be another 4 years of Trump. Letterkenny Tumbler. You are an establishment shill and not at all progressive. If you truly wanted the Democrats to win you would drop out and support the rightful nominee, Bernie. You’re essentially Hillary 2.0, and, trust me, that’s not a compliment.

Letterkenny Tumbler

Letterkenny Tumbler - 20oz
Letterkenny Tumbler – 20oz

I’m not a Biden (or Sanders) supporter but I don’t see how you can tell Biden to “drop out and support the rightful nominee, Bernie”. Letterkenny Tumbler. The “rightful nominee” is the candidate who wins enough delegates to secure the nomination and after tonight it looks like Biden albeit a flawed and demented choice is well on his way to securing enough delegates to win the nomination. There is nothing “rightful” about Sanders claiming the nomination. He isn’t a mainstream Democrat–or a Democrat at all–so are you saying he should be crowned by acclimation by his socialist supporters? What happened to democracy? Bernie could have Beat Trump in ’16. He can’t now, Joe is what the Party and the Country needs to restore the dignity to the office it Deserves. Independent voters won’t lean to Bernie, and whether some lean right or others simply don’t vote which was what happened in ’16, there is one path forward now.

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