LGBT I am brave poster

Do you want it? LGBT I am brave poster. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before lose it forever.



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Your boy trump bungled tariffs so now Americans are paying more for everything, our farmers lost their soy market. LGBT I am brave poster. Because China is now buying from S America and we had to bail out our own farmers with tax dollars.

LGBT I am brave poster

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poster – A3
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poster – A2
LGBT I am brave poster - A1
poster – A1

The national deficit is in the TRILLIONS, you have no health care and they want to take away your SS and Medicare next, the world is laughing at our buffoon of a President who cannot speak unless its word salad. I could go on for days listing all the incompetent things your Dear Leader has done….are you brain dead or what??? LGBT I am brave poster. Wake the F up. New York Post???? bahahahahah might as well have posted the National Enquirer. And all the article was whining that Obama news not getting Trump attentions in media. Might be because Obama doesnt go out of his way to call people childish man baby names. He doesnt go out in public with idiotic man baby jibberish like Trump. You might not want to bring up Hunters Biden’s indiscretions……because Trumpy Jr and Eric Trumps indiscretions are not any better. One of them would need to die first. Then the other would need to ask our President for permission to shag the dead ones widow. Then Eric or Jr. (whichever is Alice) will need to cheat and knock up a stripper. Then they will need to fail at paying the stripper to go away. That’s a lot. There has been more troaches hanging out here lately. They are getting desperate. Continue to expose yourselves racist,bots Russians oh and this one Nigerian dude.

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