LGBT I Choose You Poster Vertical Poster

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Elizabeth Barrett if Nothing else, the Governor’s skin care regimen is top notch. . Can I give you your shot?. Quit trying to take the credit Newscum! When Trump was talking about Vaccines the DemocRATS were bashing him for it! Now that it’s here Trump gets no credit whatsoever? Geee…I hope the recall is successful!. #recall newsom……newsom you and your sheep can take all the vaccine….i will never trust the goverment to take it. you stepped up and took charge of the situation when trump was holding his denial press conferences and because of that california is going to be so much better prepared than the united states as a whole. thank you for working to keep californians saf… See More. Oh, it’s simple. Pfizer knows darn well the Moderna vaccine is a better vaccine, and is rushing out their vaccines before Moderna hits the market.. Wait, was 393,000 about the vaccine or his PPP loans? lol LGBT I Choose You Poster Vertical Poster

LGBT I Choose You Poster Vertical Poster

LGBT I Choose You Poster Vertical Poster
LGBT I Choose You Poster Vertical Poster
LGBT i'd find you and i'd choose you poster 1
LGBT i’d find you and i’d choose you poster 1

Thank you Governor. You are acting far more Presidential than the orange blob in Office.. Mr Governor, can you take the vaccine with your aunt and family. Thank you, Donald Trump, for project Warp Speed!!!. Sorry, cuz (distant), just signed your recall petition. Rolling blackouts from mandated inefficient and costly “clean energy” sources, untended forests burning up, no new dam water shortages, state shutdowns for no scientific reason and high income tax… See More. Pfizer has paid out billions in fraud judgments and settlements. Does that bother anyone? Especially when you are taking a rushed product that comes with zero product liability? I’m sure we will hear all about the “coincidental” deaths after people get… See More. Can you order direct? The Pfizer press release says they are waiting on orders?. Those haters of the California governor I beg you…please, please, if you are smart, educated and have the qualifications of a leader and you think that you can do a better job and have what it takes, run for office and stop the hatred! LGBT I Choose You Poster Vertical Poster

LGBT I Choose You Poster Vertical Poster

I have not been able to find any information on how members of priority group 1b will be organized and scheduled. Is there a plan for this? Thanks.. Hate to say it. Work harder! Our state is not doing a good job getting this vaccine out. Our % given of doses is below the average in the US. That is not acceptable.. So happy to have just received my first vaccine dose and I feel great! There IS light at the end of this very long tunnel if we all keep up the precautions for now and get vaccinated as soon as possible!. I don’t see any evidence of this in my county.. Teachers in classrooms are waiting. Here in Monterey County they haven’t even received enough vaccines to get through our front line workers, healthcare and teachers. This is a mess. You need a better plan. I’d love to get the vaccine but no one can even tell me how to sign up.

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