LGBT pride american flag 3d hoodie

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A hoax that 3 of my friends happen to be very sickened with right now, even after taking as many precautions as possible. LGBT pride american flag 3d hoodie. You call that a hoax? Educate yourself on what a hoax actually is before you spew lies out. I don’t need to get real when the evidence is right in front of my eyes.

LGBT pride american flag 3d hoodie

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It makes us look bad because our so called “president” imposed social distancing restrictions way too late! Up to 90% of those deaths could’ve been prevented had we acted even just two weeks earlier than we did. Testing is not overrated if we can figure out who’s sick and who isn’t so we can properly quarantine people and send others back to work. We would be a long ways behind Brazil had we acted accordingly and we did not. LGBT pride american flag 3d hoodie. Trump should be tried for at least 70% of the covid deaths we’ve had in this country as they could’ve been prevented by an educated and quick moving administration, yet they were neither of those. It’s absolutely sickening.

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