Library cat face mask

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CNN doesn’t owe you anything, contrary to popular belief. Library cat face mask. If you dont like their coverage dont watch or read it.

Library cat face mask

Library cat face mask- pic 1
face mask- pic 1

Actually CNN owes me unbiased reporting as a supposed neutral entity of the press. I don’t watch the network, nor do I watch any cable news network. I get my news from multiple sources as most are biased to some degree. Again, I have stated only facts. You like alternative facts. I don’t have any of those. Library cat face mask. Sorry buddy. I don’t recall stating anything that I purported are facts. I have only asked questions while you have failed to provide any documentation of your facts. I don’t need to provide documentation of facts. If you dont belive me that is entirely your problem. It’s not my problem in the least. If you want me to believe you, it is up to you to provide documented sources. Otherwise I will continue to research on my own. I am an undecided voter and will continue to be up to the minute I cast my ballot. You had the opportunity to provide data points that could sway my vote to your candidate, but you failed. Have a nice night. Trump is always the bad egg. Yes we know. You can’t just sit down while others are helping themselves. With so much care and full confidence in me, I strongly recommend Mr. Jake’s to you. Where a leftist infection appears, terror, hunger, robbery, corruption, censorship, ideology, the GULAG – and completely low-quality production of everything begin VOTE TRUMP 2020.

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