Life is better in flip-flops face mask

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He will never admit that things are bad. That would be admitting that he’s been wrong all along. Life is better in flip-flops face mask. He can pat himself on the back all he wants but he hasn’t done a “fantastic job” with anything. American people need to fix this! Get out and vote; take your friends and family, too! Offer to give people rides to the polls. You can always count on Chris Wallace to ask the right questions when interviewing Trump and also standing up to him. The other Fox News hosts just baby and enable him. Neil Cavuto does a pretty good job also at times.

Life is better in flip-flops face mask

Life is better in flip-flops face mask - detail
face mask – detail

I own it to the grace of God that my niece who got covid is alive and well. Some people don’t think this virus is real! We have to practice safety! Life is better in flip-flops face mask. Take all precautions necessary to get this virus by the tail from continuing to spread. Please use a when in public and use social distancing! You don’t have to get this virus in order to believe it’s real! Please, love yourself and love others. He should know these numbers by heart. What do you get the ” new” Covid briefings and up to be campaign rallies. No one should ask him at questions except Covid related question s. If he starts with the BS they should ask to be excused. I still love America and believe tomorrow will be better than today, but I cannot believe how our government failed us in our time of need. Thanks to our local leaders in the NYC area for trying to dig us out of this mess because the feds were a no show.

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