Life is better with chickens face mask

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Pay the salaries of the defense dept for 2 years reinvest the rest in infrastructure and poor neighborhoods and the homeless. Life is better with chickens face mask. Thats over 1.5 trillion dollars from an industry that protects a population that has 300 million guns already. If you think old Bern cares about you you are sadly mistaken he wants you all vote Democrat socialist communist party the Burn has been in politics for a very long time and has done nothing but to promote socialism wake the H up

Life is better with chickens face mask

Life is better with chickens face mask - detail
face mask – detail

I dont understand how spending more on a military budget that does nothing but slaughters innocents in the middle east, is a better idea then helping those in need in our own country. It’s sickening how blind people are to fixing our country and would rather worry about destroying others. I just move back after 5 years living in a socialist democracy country. Life is better with chickens face mask. Not because I wanted to… But i had free universal healthcare and every job offered 6 weeks paid sick leave, 5 weeks paid vacation’, 6 weeks paid child sick leave, 2.5 years paid maternity leave with your job guaranteed. They give double salary every july and call it vacation money as well as double salary every december and call it christmas money. I only paid 23% in taxes, meanwhile i pay 36% taxes here in america and what do i benefit from with those taxes? So the Pentagon can lose another 23 trillion dollars of our money. Wake the fuck up people. You’re being used as slave labour when

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