Life is better with donkeys face mask

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Because people want to be MORE inclusive instead of just presenting the white version of history and society? Life is better with donkeys face mask. I’m sorry , how we were not inclusive until now ?

Life is better with donkeys face mask

face mask Life is better with donkeys
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Do you see any cotton plantations ?? Everyone got a fair chance !! Look at Oprah’s success , Obama’s and I could go on. Ancient Greek, Ancient Rome , Ireland and so many others had slaves too. Don’t even talk about the prison systems , I come from a communist country. You have no idea what you’re talking about. I do, in fact, know what I’m talking about. Watch the documentary 13th for a nice summary. Again, why are you bringing up topics unrelated to the issue at hand? Life is better with donkeys face mask. Prison systems being horrible in Bucharest has no bearing on this. I’m trying to understand why do we have to divide… this is black , this is white , purple, green or any other color . Getting offended of syrup for God’s sake. Silvana Banciu it’s baked into the American psyche. I grew up in the deep south. Racism is rampant, whether it’s blatant like the KKK or subtle societal cues. People are literally conditioned from an early age and a lot of them don’t realise it. History has been whitewashed. White and black people receive almost the same percentage of welfare. However, white people make up 70+% of the total population and black people 13%. Many people confuse these statistics. This does not mean that 38.8 percent of all white Americans, and 39.8 percent of all Black Americans are on welfare. It means that 39.8 percent of all the actual welfare recipients are Black, and 38.8 percent of all the welfare recipients are white.

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