Life is better with bunnies face mask

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Black lives do matter to the majority, but you will always look at the very few negatives and keep it alive. Life is better with bunnies face mask. First .

Life is better with bunnies face mask

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face mask – pic 1

Why would other races need to scream for injustice when they rode off of our coattails. If it wasn’t for us they wouldn’t have any civil rights. We were the ones out here marching , protesting , dying, having water hoses sprayed on us being attacked by dogs in order to establish civil rights for everyone. Other ethnicities came here got a free ride & took advantage of what WE accomplished & another thing. WE built this country for FREE with forced free labor, stolen intellectual property, blood, sweat & tears. Life is better with bunnies face mask. We have been here & have a millennium with our own history, plight & lineage BEFORE the inception of this country. WE are NOT immigrants but immigrants have been prioritized over us though we paved the way for others with the Civil Rights Act. If you weren’t such a limited dummy you could go take a college level history class and you’ll find out how history shows that black people have oppressed and subjugated. Obama wasn’t just the president for black people only. he was the president of all people & even if Obama had did anything for us black ppl you white people would of lost you your freaking mind… America’s going to fail because America has not addressed its own sins & blood on its hands. You ppl with your white skin privileges are the ones who are spoiled as fuk .. everything in this country is built to make your lives easier… can’t say the same thing for black ppl though …

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