Lineman inside me american flag

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What rights are missing. Lineman inside me american flag.  LGBTQ you’re allowed to marry in every state you’re allowed to go wherever you want and live as any other American! Only thing you need freedom from is the mind control of the radical left. There is no movement to roll back same sex marriage, it isn’t on anybody’s radar that has the political force to do it, President Trump isn’t interested in any of that, he doesn’t care about it one way or another.

Lineman inside me american flag

Lineman inside me american flag - pic 1
american flag – pic 1
Lineman inside me american flag - pic 2
flag – pic 2
Lineman inside me american flag - pic 3
flag – pic 3

Dark vader you not going do nothing but be a puppet for the secret orders you aint done nothing for over 50 years you 80s yrs old its not going be election the virus mutating we in the end times seen in last page of zechariah. Lineman inside me american flag. God comming on the earth and sorting times he will lift the plague when his kingdom is on the planet with his forces be nomore presidents nomore kings and orders nomore money changers nomore faiths nomore vaticans nomore religions,our minds be erased to only know good we be translated into glorified humanoids be taught new laws of creations and love……god will issue all decrees and laws and his armies shall enforce them on earth

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