Lion My Dear Daughter Mom Poster

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David Steenson: “Your country”, with the words addressed to me, rather than the BBC. Lion My Dear Daughter Mom Poster. Not “the BBC’s country”.

Lion My Dear Daughter Mom Poster

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Poster – A4
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Poster – A2
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Poster – A1

Correct? I stand by my statement, and unless I miss my guess, it’s not “David Steenson’s country” either, nor YOUR place to meddle in MY nation’s electoral process, even from the margins, anymore than it’s BBC News’ place to do so. William Woodburn how is it “meddling”? It’s reporting on a very real issue. Either you believe in freedom of speech and journalistic freedom or you don’t. Which is it? I’d hate to see a day when American journalists weren’t allowed to report on British politics. Who do you think you are? Shocking arrogance. It is very much my place to have an opinion on anything I want. So tough. Lion My Dear Daughter Mom Poster. It’s meddling because it could conceivably sway voter opinion either toward or against candidates for office. Trust me when I say you don’t want to see the day when U.S. voters and news outlets start “flooding the zone” as to UK’s Parliamentary elections with stories that either support or oppose candidates and sway UK citizens’ opinions toward their own ends. Media sways voter opinion that’s how this works. I’m quite happy for us news outlets to report on the UK and it’s politics whatever way they want as long it’s factual. And if I wasn’t happy with Americans giving their opinions I wouldn’t want you here commenting…and despite us disagreeing you are more than welcome. Speaking just for myself, I have faith in the integrity of the BBC and trust the BBC as a news source.

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